Sunday, March 23, 2008

All I See is Kylie

'All I See' is Kylie's first single in the US from her 'X' album. Here is the original album version and the US version featuring Mims.


+ Kylie - All I See (Featuring Mims)

+ Kylie - All I See (Album Version)


sean said...

I really like this song. I personally think that "Wow" would make a great US 2nd single.

If they make a chill yet great video for "All I See" just in time for summer it could be 2008's version of "I'm Real Remix - Jenny Lo/Ja Rule"

I don't like MIMs as a rapper but he delivers here and Kylie's X is a great album from beginning to end.

AA, speaking of Jennifer Lopez. I heard the Carlos Santana song "This Boy's Fire" featuring La Lopez & Baby Bash is Santana's 2nd single off his greatest hits album. Post that on your site. I think people will like it.

The Arab Aquarius said...

Hiya Sean, long time no see :)

Actually it's not one of my favorites off X. My top ones would be in my arms, wow, the one (the love me love me love me part is damn nice) & no more rain (slow but nice)

I didn't really like the Lopez Santana combo, I think I deleted it. Maybe its one of those that grow on you after few listens. I will post it if I get it again.