Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 New Cool Phones

Human Skin Phone - LG SH240 Slider (GALLERY)

Phones have been constantly getting skinnier, but now LG is releasing a different kind of skinny: a phone that feels like real human skin... It invites you to touch touch touch and feel the controls. The LG-SH240 is a 3G HSDPA phone that uses silicon material on the keypad that realisticly resemble… [More]

Touch Phones with Unique UI - Samsung AnyCall Haptic (VIDEO)

Hello, beautiful! Samsung has unveiled a brand new touch screen phone, the top premium model in its AnyCall Series:AnyCall Haptic.AnyCall Haptic sports a new UI that is specifically designed for users to enjoy a rich combination of visual, acoustic, and touch sensations with support of a full dr… [More]

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