Sunday, January 27, 2008

Too Late to Apologize?

Apologize has hit oversaturation and most people are sick of it by now. BUT I have finally traced the person who made the stunning video. No, not the official (boring) video. This video was made by Aaron Platt on December 2006 just to promote his editing skills and garner attention. Yes, 2006!!! If you havent watched this video, you must. Below is the video he made using the original raw One Republic song; if you prefer watching this same video but with the Timbaland produced audio you can watch it HERE.

>> The post's picture and video are by Aaron Platt


sean said...

Just discovered your blog last week. I like it alot.

I love this version of the video. The original official band video is BORING TO DEATH. The first time I saw this video on youtube, I thought it was so creative and amazing for the song. Doesn't seem that expensive either....if a student created and edited it. What's the record label's excuse for producing such a visual shitfest of the band playing in the studio.

The Arab Aquarius said...

Hi sean.

I am glad you like the blog. You discovered it at its start almost, I started in the new year, thats why I had many interface changes, hehe. Now I will stick on this 1 for a while.

I totally agree with you about the boring official video. The song has deep emotional lyrics and all they do is show the band recording in the studio! It would have been much better if the label just bought the rights to this video and used it. The funny thing is I noticed that the official video was in the top 5 iTunes video downloads for a long time. Why people would pay 2 bucks to watch it is beyond me. I guess as long as people are paying money for it, the label is happy.

Nowadays it is rare to find a compelling video, most are just 'we have to make a video to be played on TV' instead of adding something to the song. It's a shame really when that happens to a great song.