Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana >> Spring/Summer 2008 New Ads

Peep these ads for the new Dolce & Gabanna Spring / Summer 2008 collection. D&G are absolutely my favorite desginers for accessories and perfume, but other than a casual T that I have I am not big on their mens clothes. However, I totally digg this new line, the suites are sharp with a glam-feel and the casual line in the third picture looks comfy and stylish at the same time. I would totally wear each piece in that last ad. And ofcourse Steven Klein can do no wrong when it comes to shooting ads.

Models: Sam Webb, Tom Warren, Michael Camiloto, Tyson Ballou, Sean Harju, Marcus Hedbrandh, Evandro Soldati, Chad Dunn, Noah Mills and Mark Schoehuijs.

Photographer: Steven Klein [website]
Pictures via source

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