Friday, February 27, 2009

Adorable Abandoned Monsters in Meltin’Pot Ads



While the new ad campaign from Italian clothing and footwear brand Melting’Pot invites you, “This Summer, abandon your nightmares.” The monsters and creatures that are used in the ads to represent these nightmares look so damn adorable and cute, it makes me feel bad for them being abandoned!



The  campaign is done by Armando Testa (Turin, Italy) with creative team Michele Mariani, Luca Cortesini, Laura Sironi, and Vincent Dixon.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bianco Footwear's Global Financial Crisis Solution


Hey, times are tough with the ecenomy and what not. But Bianco Footwear has a strategy to keep selling shoes. Simply ignore the global financial crisis! See video below.



The campaign is created by ‘& Co’ Denmark.



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Editora Insular’s Mute Ad Campaign


Editora Insular: “Don't be without a topic. Read books.” I think it’s a good idea, but horrible horrible execution and retouching!



Campaign credits:

Advertising Agency: DBS Multicriação, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Jaisson Pepes
Art Director: Renato Bittencourt
Photographer: Philippe Arruda

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I Get Confused


This song is pretty much the story of my life right now… (ps, video has nsfw bits)



 Get Confused by Fischerspooner


Do I like to have confusion? Yes I do
Am I, am I in any danger? Yes I am
Do I like what‘s happening? Yes I do
And can I deal with it directly? Yes I can

I take the trouble, I take the time
I get the feeling that I‘m doing what‘s right
I may be reckless, maybe a fool
But I get excited when I get confused

Will I have to start all over? Yes I will
Had I the right to make those statements? Yes I had
Shall I meet with opposition?
Did I justify my actions?
Have I forgotten what the question was?
Yes I have


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don’t Drink & Drown


Driving is not the only bad thing that you can do when you are drunk. Deciding to hit the swimming pool or beach after a night of excessive drinking can be just as bad. This PSA ad campaign by Royal Life Saving in collaboration with the Australian Department of Health informs us that almost half of all adult drowning deaths involve alcohol. The copy is complemented with a strong visual of a person drowning in an alcoholic drink glass.



The ads were photographed & retouched by Electric Art for 303 Group, Perth, Australia, with creative director Lindsay Medalia, art directors Richard Berney, Bryan Dennis, and copywriter Davood Tabeshfar.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Absolut World Wishful Thinking

In an ABSOLUT WORLD, men and women would understand each other.... Yeah, dream on.

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Bugsy’s Bar Living Cocktails Ads


Saatchi & Saatchi, Prague did this awesome ad campaign for Bugsy’s Bar in Czech Republic. The ads were photographed by Bohousek Pospisilu with creative director Jakub Hanzlicek.  Living Cocktails indeed!


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Creative Designs by Matthias Lange


Talented designer Matthias Lange has a knack for coming up with creative designs that turn day-to-day usage into part of the design.


CMYK (tableware)
The tableware "CMYK" converts failures and adversities that happen in everyday life into a poetic moment. It consist of a coloured ceramic that is covert by a white glaze. If the tableware breaks due to daily usage, the colour in the inside occurs. Due this patina the tableware can develop a personal meaning for the user.



Smash (alarm clock)
The alarm clock "Smash" visualizes the daily usage in form of deformations on the top surface of the device. The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock. This deformation becomes a sign for the individual daily usage.



+ see project page

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Companhia Athletica Shows The Man Within


Brazilian advertising agency DM9 DDB did an excellent job on these ads for Companhia Athletica, São Paulo. The ad copy of “Give yourself a chance to get out of your body!”" is coupled with the witty visualization of a fit person trying to break out from the prison of the fat body. The final result is very effective and compelling.


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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2009 Bar Refaeli


The long-awaited and much-anticipated cover of the new 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has been revealed. The cover model is Bar Refaeli (yes, the model dating Leonardo DiCaprio) with photography by Rafael Mazzuco.

And I am happy to report that the issue does indeed include the famous Body Paint section. See bar’s spread at SI

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anti Smoking PSA Awareness Ads


Pretty cool anti-smoking ads by ad agency Bleublancrouge in collaboration with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) in a bid to combat the smoking addiction in India. The ads show that contrary to what we believe, “cigarettes smoke people” rather than ‘people smoke cigarettes.’


‘’The Bleublancrouge concept for the Cancer Patients Aid Association is hard-hitting and it will definitely make a difference in society,’’ explained Anita Peter, Director of the CPAA. ‘’We need to create more awareness about this emerging epidemic.’’



Gaëtan Namouric, who is the Executive Vice-President and Creative Director at Bleublancrouge, said: ‘’This is a simple yet very clever way of telling smokers that the cigarette is always winning.’’


The ads were photographed by Leda & St-Jacques.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Octuplets? What About Christophe Gilbert Photography


The current buzz and hype of the octuplets story and their photos reminded me of these images by the extremely talented Belgian photographer Christophe Gilbert. Imagine if he’d take pictures of this American mom with her eight newborns…



+ Visit Christophe Gilbert’s site for more.

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Adorable Mechanical Super Models


Meet the adorable models in the “Super Models” editorial in Tush Magazine by photographer Philip Karlberg: Alec in Yves Saint Laurent, Milla in Donna Karan, Luca in Giorgio Armani, Nadja in Chanel and Devon in vintage Paris Mon Amour.


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Friday, February 6, 2009

Brilliant Sony VAIO Mannequins


Sony has unleashed a brilliant new mannequin campaign to promote its VAIO line as lightweight and fashionable option. In order to highlight the fashion aspect of their design, they partnered with six fashion designers to create outfits for models that pose as mannequins. The real-life models use choreographed robotic motion to make them look just like a mannequin. They are unleashed in the streets of New York until February 14 and they offer people demonstrations and trials with the Sony Vaio P Series notebooks. Check out two videos of them in action below.






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